Red Door journal page and the Wanderlust Week 12 challenge.

This week I have been less productive than I’d like, partly because I have been wrestling with logistical issues about upcoming travel.  My father has been having health struggles, so I have been debating going back to the US, but because of my own health issues with multiple sclerosis I was reluctant to travel again when I feel run down from traveling recently so much already.  I had some issues with prescription refills taking a while to get to me, and have been feeling MS fatigue and muscle pain due to stress and cold weather.  I had finally settled on going to the US again next week after a Passover seder DH and I are hosting, but sadly my father passed away two days ago.  I am grateful to my sisters who live near him, who had found a comfortable nursing facility for him to go to after his last hospitalization, and glad that his passing was peaceful, but of course will be grieving his loss indefinitely.  I am still grieving for my mother, gone almost 18 years now.  The siblings have settled on having a memorial gathering for Dad at the end of May, when DH and I were already planning on traveling to the US for younger daughter’s graduation.  Hopefully I will be feeling better myself with spring weather and sunshine by the time of that journey, and I will spend the summer in Michigan with my younger daughter before she heads off to art school.

One of the treats I bought myself at an art supply store in London last month was a cartridge ink pen with a brush.  I have been doodling and experimenting with it so much I used up one entire ink cartridge already!  I am hoping it will be secure enough (as regards leaking) to travel with.  I have not used it for more than doodling yet, but once I feel more sure of the marks I can make with it, I will.

I have been continuing to work on journal pages–trying to make many of my page starts into more finished pieces.  I used matte medium to add some torn paper and deli paper that was gelatin printed on top of the gelatin print base (I believe the teal connected circles is part of the base layer).  I also used a few hexagons from another gelatin print to add some contrast in line and color.  I am calling this one “Red Door” because the red shape reminded me of a door, and I’ve used white acrylic and india ink to create highlights and shadows.  I may still need to add some, because when looking at it on the screen version it does not have as much “door on the side of a hill” feeling as I want it to have.  I am not sure who lives behind that little red door, but some whimsical creature, I am sure.

Red DoorAnother page I did is for a “challenge” task on the Wanderlust 2017 e-workshop on art journaling that a UK couple is running in the Everything Art community they founded (  There are weekly video classes three weeks a month, and one week has prompts/ ideas/ challenges.  This challenge is to use four different mediums/ substances, keeping track of the order, then use the same four in the same order again, finishing after eight layers.  On this page I used white gesso through a stencil, then sprinkled the gesso with Pearl-Ex powder while still wet.  Pearl-Ex is almost like micr-glitter, much finer than glitter but with sheen and sparkle.  After drying it with a heat gun, I used dots of Splash acrylic inks in cyan, magenta and yellow, misting with a water bottle and letting it run by tipping the page in different directions.  I finished by using black India ink with a brush to add some line and contrast.  After my first four layers, my page looked like this.

13 week challenge, after first round

At this point, I decided I would use the stencil again with the gesso, but save the bright area in the upper left toward the center, which I particularly liked.  After using the Pearl-Ex powder, acrylic inks, and india ink again I ended up with this.


I don’t think it’s “finished” but I’m not sure what to do with it from here, and I suspect it will need to wait until I have a better concept of where I want to go with it next.

These are the media I used.  The Pearl Ex powder type is called Macropearl, and the Pebeo India Ink is almost out of the photo on the right.



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