Trying different things

I have not been making any “finished” pieces in the last week, but have been trying some different skills.  I am still playing with pen and ink and watercolor, and did my first “travel” sketching with watercolors on a trip to Medininkai, a small castle in Lithuania.  I also have been playing with my dip pen and faces.  And I watched a webinar for a class called “Get Messy” by one of my “art mentors” Amy Maricle and made a couple of backgrounds.

I was trying out the “green gold” paint that I saw someone online recommend.  I do like the color, and the way the white gesso on top came out so fluffy looking and such a range of color from pure white to a pastel of the green gold.  The dots are metallic blue paint (from Target’s kids craft paints) on a background of Indanthrene blue Liquitex, which is one of my current favorite colors because it is so rich.  The photo makes the dots look gold instead of light blue though–I assume it’s the lighting of my iphone picture.

I have been reading a book on making an “artist’s journal” vs. an art journal–so more sketches, influences, remembering things rather than finished “pictures”.  I am thinking my smaller “travel” journal will be more in that style.  I also learned about people doing “virtual” travel journals, where they “travel” online places and make sketches based on what they find that way.  I am wondering if I should start doing that as I will never travel in real life to all the places that fascinate me, so I fired up Google Earth again and started armchair exploring.  It might be a way for me combine my love of maps and travel with art, and maybe even throw some genealogy into it if I “visit” places related to family history…

Also today thinking about micrographs, and how I maybe should have done a science career that involved looking at things in microscopes. I have a lot of micrograph pictures saved on Pinterest, and realized that what I like about them is often the idea of patterns.  I already knew I was in love with color and texture, but texture is related to pattern.  So I think I want to spend some more time with micrographs and patterns and that inspiration.

Good news is that I am feeling slightly more inspired/ energetic than I was.  For a few days I was struggling with not “wanting” or being interested in things.  Today I am feeling a little more interested in a few things, which will hopefully make my brain have more ideas and I will feel mentally more alert and positive.



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